Due Diligence Property Photos

If you’re remote to the Shenandoah Valley area, but are interested in purchasing property located here, it’s helpful to have a photographer who’s native to the area, visit and take photos of the property prior to purchase. Advance photos of a prospective property purchase can help you identify hazards, utility locations and the overall lay of the land!

We can physically visit, walk the property, offer insights into its condition and surroundings, then document and deliver photos and notes to you. We geolocate all photos either by geotag or by digital map so you can be assured we personally visited the property in its current condition.

Before you pour thousands of dollars into a property purchase, call Shenandoah Valley 360 and have us image it for you! We are able to provide aerial photos/video, 3D photographs (360 degree images) and video clips so you  can virtually visit the property rather than just relying on descriptions by a sales team.

  • The GIS map ID (preferable) or street address

  • A brief description of the property

  • Any special features/utilities/views you’d like highlighted

  • Access information / availability

  • Surrounding area photographs you need

  • Types of imagery you need.

road terrain next to a property

Property terrain next to a forest road

utility access on a property

Utility access at a property corner

steep grade on a property next to a road

Steep grade over the edge of a road

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