Deer Recovery by Drone in Virginia

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Don’t let your big game go to waste! It’s getting dark, and you’ve lost sight of the deer you shot. You’ve followed the trail as far as you can and don’t know which way to head… call Shenandoah Valley 360! We’re working in partnership with Shenandoah Sporting Goods to bring a much needed deer recovery service to  Shenandoah Couty, Clarke County, Frederick County, Warren County and Rockingham County. With an “eye in the sky” Shenandoah Valley 360 can find the animal without disturbing any other wildlife on the property.

Using the latest aerial, FLIR on a thermal imaging drone with night vision technology, we’re able to locate your big game and walk you right to the exact coordinates, eliminating wasted hours and possibly dozens of pounds of venison – even hours after they’ve been taken. Capable of  hours of flight time, and a huge search radius, our equipment gets us an overhead view of the field and forest, even in the dead of night. Most deer will be found in under an hour, without hiking through underbrush and over rock scrambles.

We’ll show up, get the needed information from you, then take to the air to find the taken game.

deer visible via thermal imagery in the woods

..Nothing Hides..

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Unlike inferior solutions, our gear includes:

  • a 60W spotlight for positive ID

  • an optic with 200x zoom

  • a laser rangefinder

  • a large external screen for easy game ID

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Drone Deer Recovery

Years of licensed flight experience + your local firearms and hunting experts

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Please note, in accordance with VA state law, we can only locate downed deer on private land and we cannot assist in hunting preparations, (such as scouting) less than 1 calendar day in advance of your hunt.

Price includes 1 hr of search!

$300 in
Shenandoah County

$450 in
Warren County
Frederick County
Rockingham County