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We know you may have questions about getting photos taken and the process, so here are a few of the more common questions we get about our service and features.

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Drone photo of a hot air balloon in flight

Drone photo of a hot air balloon in flight

General FAQ

Why Should I Choose Shenandoah Valley 360?2022-07-12T08:17:47-04:00

Here are just a few of the reasons our clients choose SV360 for aerial photos, property photos, virtual tours and more.

We are FAST – We’ve worked extensively with our hardware and software solutions to provide the fastest service, in multiple ways

The hardware solutions we use are the most effective at quickly capturing your specific property. We use different solutions for different scenarios to get the best capture possible for conditions.

Our presentation software automatically accommodates mobile devices and different bandwidth connection speeds for those viewing virtual tours. Slower speeds will get lower resolution images to start with, since their screen is smaller and they may not have a fast connection. This makes a huge difference in viewing experience, and your guests aren’t waiting for the experience to load.

We are detailed – Our imagery ranges in resolution from 20 to 50+ megapixels depending on conditions and scenarios.

We use tested, task-specific hardware – No, we don’t show up with a mobile phone to try to capture your images. Our hardware is specifically selected to get the best results for your specific needs.

We deliver value – The cost/benefit ratio of our solutions is remarkable, and we don’t upsell you stuff you don’t need. Depending on the use-case, you may not need all the glitz and sparkle that we’re able to offer. We’ll be upfront with you on what will deliver the best return on your investment

Do You Really Have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?2022-07-09T14:34:30-04:00

Yes we do.

Simply let us know within 24hrs of receiving the finished product why you’re not pleased, and we will refund 100% of your money – no questions asked!
We aim to please our clients and if you’re not pleased, we aren’t either.

How Do I Get My Photos?2022-05-06T18:32:09-04:00

We provide photos to you through a link for you to download them. This way you get the original files, and can print or post them online in the way that best suits you. If you’d prefer we have them printed for you, we can do that at a small extra cost plus the cost of the prints.

When Do I Pay?2022-05-06T18:30:04-04:00

We don’t invoice until after you’ve received your photos or virtual tour and are thrilled.

Aerial Photos FAQ

Are Your Flights Insured?2022-07-12T08:18:27-04:00

Yes they are. We carry insurance on all drone flights to protect you and your investment. If you have specific insurance requirements for flights to capture your photos, please contact us and let us know.

Are You FAA Licensed to Fly a Drone?2022-05-06T18:10:49-04:00

Yes we are. The FAA requires drone pilots to be licensed if they fly for *any sort* of profit or if the pictures will be used commercially.  Our pilots have completed the requirements and have their Part 107 license.

Do I Need to Be There When You Take My Aerial Photos?2022-05-06T16:51:44-04:00

You may have reason to be present while we capture your drone photos if there are certain characteristics or angles you’d like captured that aren’t easily explained through text, email or over the phone. We don’t require you to be present, however, and can capture the shots you need on our own if you’d like.

Virtual Tours FAQ

How Can I Put My Virtual Tour on My Website?2022-05-26T09:40:46-04:00

We will provide you with code to give your website developer.  They can copy and paste this code into your website and it will be instantly available.
We can customize the code, if needed to meet the layout of your website.

Why Should I Choose SV360 for a Virtual Tour?2022-05-26T09:43:31-04:00

Shenandoah Valley 360 has over five years of experience with camera photography, drone photography and panoramic/spherical photography used for virtual tours. Our unique experience in the field and over forty years of life in the valley can be put to use to promote your property!

Secondly, our solution for virtual tours is *very* fast when compared to others. Taking only 3-7min per room, we can be onsite and gone before others get finished with a portion of a single floor.

Third, our virtual tours are very cost-effective. Virtual tours through other solutions *must* be more expensive, simply by their nature. The equipment, monthly fees and time involved, demand higher prices.

Lastly, we promote you – not our product. Each tour is aimed to increase your brand visibility and promote your product.

How Long Will You Need to Capture a Virtual Tour?2022-05-06T16:56:36-04:00

This depends primarily on the size of your location, including any outdoor locations you’d like captured. If there are additional “standard” pictures you’d like linked in your virtual tour, these may add additional time. Typically, 3-7min per room will be needed onsite so multiple points can be captured.

Short Term Rentals Photos FAQ

Do I Need to Be Present at My Vacation Rental When You Arrive to Photograph?2022-05-18T20:01:10-04:00

It’s entirely up to you. Some owners prefer to be, and that’s just fine. Others use smart locks and set temporary codes for our access. It usually takes less than an hour, and either way works fine for us!

How Long Does it Take to Capture Photos of My Short Term Rental?2022-05-06T16:53:46-04:00

This truly depends on size. If under 2000sq ft, we are typically onsite for 30-60min, including outdoor angles. If there are additional requirements inside for larger rooms, 45-60 minutes should be expected.

How It Works

1. Get in touch with our Contact Form letting us know about your needs and timeframe.

2. We’ll be back in contact within 1 business day – likely sooner!

3. We have the experience to work on our own or onsite with you to get the pictures/video/tour you need.

4. We’ll have your media to you within a business day of capturing!

5, You’ll be thrilled with the results – or you’ll get 100% of your money back*.

*Seriously. Let us know within 24hrs of receiving the finished product why you’re not pleased, and we will refund 100% of your money – no questions asked!
We aim to please our clients and if you’re not pleased, we aren’t either.

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